What? Did you think I was going to talk about myself or my father for the entire blog? My design sensibilities prevent that from happening. You know what they say, "All Work and No Play Make Monirom a Dull Boy." Without further ado here's a sneak peak at the new Must-See Web Series The LXD from writer/director Jon M. Chu

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The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (of So You Think You Can Dance fame) are now in their own web series The LXD. The debut episode airs on Hulu July 7th, 2010. According to creator/director Jon M. Chu, all the moves are not enhanced. No wire-work, no CGI, what you see is what you get. Here's an excerpt from recent press coverage, specifically the LA Times:

"The LXD," one of the most ambitious Web series attempted, is a unique fusion of dance and transmedia — an emerging Hollywood concept defined as a story told through multiple platforms (webisodes, live performance, Facebook, etc.) such that each one contributes a unique part of the narrative. Ideally, these building blocks add up to an intricate mythology that obsessed fans can piece together.

"In those live performances, they're out there as their characters and they're telling parts of our story," says Scott Ehrlich, chief executive of Agility Studios, which produces the project along with Chu and Hieu Ho. "We're now going to bring the audience up to speed in terms of what they were actually seeing."

If the series takes off, the LXD will aim to continue its story through film, television, video games, comic books and dance studios: Fans will be able to upload their own dance videos, and a council of elders will invite the best one to join the Legion. ~Zachary Pincus-Roth, Special to the Los Angeles Times [July 4, 2010]
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If you're reading this now you're already behind. Good thing you can watch this series on your schedule on hulu. (also stream the entire "movie" contiguously on Netflix.)