the Blog

This blog exists as a record of my soon to be failing memory. No, I don't have a neurological condition, at least not one that erodes my memory. What I mean is as we all get older, memories of our past tend to get soft around the edges like under-developed polaroid pictures. This makes it hard for us to discern what actually happened versus what we choose to remember. That's why people always talk about the "good old days."

So if you're looking for design commentary, stories about life in design and advertising, software tutorials, snarky comments, ironic humor and funny cat pictures — this is not your blog. Besides, there are a host of people on the internet who do all the above much better than I. David Thorne author of 27b/6, J. Jason Smith of graphicology or J. Smooth of ill doctorine fame...for example.

That doesn't mean you won't ever see these types of posts, it means that this blog will concentrate primarily on what I know (and still have yet to learn)  about the enigmas in my life known as my father, my family and the life we left behind in Laos. Hopefully you'll find our story worthy of your time.

P.S. I like to write in a form that is now considered 'old school.' Long-form. Narrative. Get over it — pull up a chair, grab some coffee and kickback. Or you ca read me (my blog) while you're on the subway or on vacation.


Whenever I refer to people who are still living I may sometimes use pseudonyms. This is done as both a courtesy and a preventative measure against charges of libel, slander or fabrication by the individuals in question. From time to time there will be posts that are kept private until I get the permission of the individuals mentioned, can corroborate my memories or get an alternative perspective.
This is why you will often see the "x of x pages" folio at the bottom of the page with no additional navigation to access said pages.