Woman Escapes Would-Be Bank Robber and Hostage Situation By Running
01.28.2011  9:30 am Takoma Park, MD 

A would-be bank robber, who was using a female bank employee as a human-shield, was shot Friday morning by the police in a dramatic hostage situation outside of the CapitalOne Bank, in Takoma Park, MD on University Boulevard. As shown in the video footage, police surrounded them after a dye pack in the stolen money was activated. During the struggle between the robber and the hostage, the unidentified woman started to run after the robber lost his footing on the recently snow covered curb. The robber appears to slip on the ice or snow and at that moment, is shot by the police.

In what appears to be a a violation of the bank robber's code-of-conduct manual, the suspect actually chases after his hostage unaware that by doing so he would put himself right in the middle of more policemen than he could out-run. As of this writing the scene was still considered active and residents were warned to stay away from the scene because authorities were unsure if they had all robbers or accomplices in custody.

  1. the hostage ran from the scene
  2. a bomb squad was called to the scene. (no further details)
  3. the bank robber (alleged) was taken into custody and then transported to the hospital
  4. the bank robber's condition is unknown
  5. according to the AP, a bystander was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds
  6. per reports ( nbc4 and USA9 ) up to four people were injured
  7. Prince George's County police said an officer may have been shot in the leg

 As reported on NBC4's broadcast, a local shop owner was asked to call 911 by an unidentified man who entered the neighboring Starbuck's. The unidentified man said he had tried to take a gun away from the bank robber.

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Just another day in the Metropolitan Washington DC Area. At least no one got killed.